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Exclusively for partners

The portfolio app of is an exclusive access to all properties of especially designed for partners and distributors who are looking for investment properties throughout Germany.

investment property app

General info

  • Available as app (iOS and Android) and browser version for laptop and computer
  • The app is not downloaded via the App Store (iOS) or Google Play (Android), but is called up via the browser on the smartphone and then saved as an app on the home screen.
  • Detailed instructions are provided to each partner (installation time: < 1 min.)

Objects of the day

with information on commission, yield etc.


An overview of all available properties on an integrated map

Fixed commission

List of available properties where agents receive a fixed commission rate

Sales price

A list of properties where agents can add a freely selectable amount as profit

Rental pool

Secure rental income thanks to rental pool principle

Instructions: Installation on the smartphone

Available for iOS and Android

  • Step 1

    Save app via QR code

    Start your mobile phone camera and scan the QR code. Open the link that appears, the browser opens.

  • Step 2

    Browser opens

    Browser automatically opens the page

    Step 2

  • Step 3

    Tap icon

    Tap the icon framed in red to open the menu.

  • Step 4

    "Add to Home Screen

    In this step, a home screen icon is added. This then looks like any other app.

    Step 4

  • Step 5

    Icon is stored on the home screen

    MRI Stock is now available as an app icon on the home screen.

  • Step 6

    Enter password

    When the app is opened for the first time, a password is requested. Affiliated partners and distributors receive the password by e-mail.

    Step 6

Also for desktop: Works like on mobile phone

All functions that are available on the mobile phone can also be used in the desktop version.

Typical procedure: Using the app

Quick access to interesting objects

  • 1. demand from the customer arises

    A client is interested in a property as an investment.

  • 2. check available properties with the app

    The app contains all current objects that can be offered to the customer.

  • 3. request availability

    The suitable property has been found. In the next step, the availability is requested via the corresponding link in the app, in each case within the property details.

  • 4. request reservation

    The desired property is still available. The client's ability to finance is ensured and a financing request has already been initiated. Once the financing confirmation is available, the property can be reserved.

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