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Christoph Weiler

Growing up in Switzerland, Austria and Italy, Christoph gained many impressions at a young age. While he was starting his business studies, Christoph quickly realized that he preferred working in practice rather than just dry theory. He then started his own business in 2014 and gained his first experience in finance.

After he founded Meine-Renditeimmobilie in 2017 together with his brothers Patrick and Fabian and their mutual friend Ferdinand Guggenberger, Christoph has been living his dream as managing partner of the company since 2017 with the main focus on real estate acquisition and development and enriches with a lot of ambition and our company with his level-headed and clear manner.

Christoph’s great passion is sport. This can also be seen on vacation when he spends three hours preparing for his next marathon in the 30-degree midday heat on the Tuscan prairie. Christoph has now climbed almost every mountain peak and explores the world with his friend Anna and dog Basti. Even in winter he prefers to be out and about in the mountains – be it uphill on his splitboard or on the slopes. In Munich you can also often meet him with his loved ones at a football game!

Anna Kern

Anna’s talent for practical work was already evident during Anna’s school career at the Waldorf School. Always going her own way, Anna implemented the goals and projects she was passionate about. She ran her own gym for several years and was always keen to develop and develop her diverse skills.

Since the founding of Meine-Renditeimmobilie (2017), Anna has been our jack-of-all-trades and has our backs in all matters. She has the talent to find a suitable solution for every situation and thereby manages to get every issue out of the way.

All of her know-how in the areas of organization and structure as well as her sense of aesthetics benefit us and our customers. As the main person responsible for interior and design, it is Anna who breathes life into our objects and puts the finishing touches before they are handed over to our customers.

Anna is a family person through and through and she thoroughly enjoys spending time with her loved ones, be it over a fine dinner or in a cozy atmosphere with Anna’s own small family, consisting of her and Patrick’s son Levi. Not to be forgotten are Anna’s loyal animal companions; the two Ridgebacks Lila and Nacho and their horse Don Arogno.

Just as Anna enjoys a ride or a walk in the beautiful Bavarian nature, she also needs the Mediterranean climate. Dolce Vita, for example in the form of truffle pasta and a glass of old red wine, particularly delights her heart.

Patrick Weiler

With specific goals in mind and always keen to achieve them independently, Patrick dedicated himself to self-employment in investment consulting after three training courses in the field of finance in 2013. In 2017, together with his two brothers Christoph and Fabian and their mutual friend Ferdinand Guggenberger, he founded – the digital pioneer in the area of real estate as an investment.

In 2019, Meine-Immoentwickler GmbH was founded, specializing in the development of existing properties throughout Germany.

Initially working as a managing partner in the area of real estate acquisition and portfolio building with the main focus on supporting individual customers, Patrick has given the overall management a face since 2022 and is particularly dedicated to the strategy and development of the companies.

Born and raised in beautiful Tuscany, Patrick gained early experience in the areas of enjoyment of life, cuisine and la dolce vita.

So it’s not surprising that he feels most comfortable with his loved ones.

Patrick’s pride and joy is his small family, consisting of wife Anna and son Levi.

Patrick is known for his outstanding grilling skills. When he’s not pampering his friends and family with delicacies and a fine drink, he’s always out and about doing sports. Whether it’s football, tennis or golf – Patrick is always on the move.

Another of Patrick’s passions is politics, to which he dedicates his heart and soul.

Giuliana Ehm

While she was beginning her studies in Italian and English, Giuliana already felt the urge to express her creative creativity during one or two lectures. Over time, she dedicated herself more and more to practical activities in the areas of content management and copywriting. This enabled Giuliana to sharpen her senses and was always keen to work independently and at the same time expand her range of experience.

Giuliana’s passion for linguistics would ultimately lead her to us. Since 2021, Giuliana has been our creative soul and is responsible for content creation and implementation, especially in the area of marketing, and is also dedicated to other creative projects.

With her wealth of ideas and her communicative and empathetic nature, Giuliana has become an integral part of our company.

Her Italian roots often take Giuliana to her second home, because she is happiest with her family and friends over a culinary evening in good company or in peace and quiet while watching the sunset by the sea and a glass of wine. Her daughter Giada and her little dog Halloumi are always at Giuliana’s side.

If Giuliana doesn’t enjoy the contemplative atmosphere described above and have deep conversations, dancing and singing have been her great passion for more than 10 years.

Fabian Winkler

After successfully completing his training in the financial sector, Fabian gained numerous practical experiences during his time in the large corporation, which further sharpened his eye for entrepreneurial thinking.

Together with his brothers Christoph and Patrick and their mutual friend Ferdinand Guggenberger, he founded in 2017

Meine-Immoentwickler GmbH followed two years later.

Since then, Fabian’s years of sales experience and his communicative and busy nature have qualified him to lead the sales department with a lot of hard work as managing partner.

Fabian spent 18 years of his life in the heart of Tuscany.

He enjoys spending time with his loved ones and family, whether in everyday life or while traveling. With his talent for languages, Fabian makes an excellent travel companion throughout most of Europe.

Fabian’s great passion is music.

He enjoys expressing his vocal volume both in the office and once a week in the karaoke bar.

When Fabian isn’t belting out pop hits or ballads, he can be found on the tennis, golf or soccer field or running around Munich’s beautiful parks.

Michael Walther

After successfully training as an electrician, Michael also completed his technical college entrance qualification. 15 months of basic military service followed before he trained to become a state-certified electrical engineer specializing in data technology. Michael was committed to IT from the start.

He first gained experience in a small company in his home country, then as an IT employee at an automotive supplier. In 2000, Michael switched to the IT consulting business and worked in various positions there.

Michael has been working as a successful entrepreneur for almost 20 years now.

It all started with his first company, “EnTeCo Consult GmbH”, with a focus on IBM software. The partnership with Google followed in 2008 and the name was changed to Wabion GmbH. Further success was not long in coming: rapid and strong growth ensued! In the following years, Michael founded two additional headquarters in both Austria and Switzerland and in 2015 Wabion was named Google’s global partner of the year in the search sector!

In 2021, the group of companies gained a workforce of 70 employees and generated sales in the double-digit million range. In the same year, Michael decided to sell the Wabion Group to Accenture and to completely withdraw from management in 2023.

Michael has been a partner and key investor at Meine-Renditeimmobilie/ Meine-Immoentwickler since 2019 and has invested in several of his own (yield) properties in the following years. We are extremely grateful to be able to benefit from Michael’s broad wealth of experience and to have him as a reliable and conscientious advisor to the management. He is also responsible for aligning our two companies with digital first.

Now based in Munich, Michael is a Swabian born in the Black Forest. His second home is undoubtedly beautiful Tuscany. There he spends a large part of the year in his own house, caring for his olive trees with heart and soul and enjoying the peace and quiet together with his wife Gabriele. However, things rarely get boring for the two of them, because as a patchwork family of eight, there is always something going on. Michael is a true nature lover. He spends a lot of time in the mountains and forests. On foot, by bike or even for a spin on the Ducati.

Michael’s element is water – there are no temperatures that could get in the way of his discipline when it comes to jumping into the cold water.

At the same time, Michael is also a gourmet: culinary delights and good wine are simply part of the quality of life.

Gabriele Walther
Gabriele Walther BACKOFFICE

After graduating from high school, Gabriele worked in a neurological clinic in Munich with a focus on social issues before completing a 3-year training course as a pediatric nurse. She has always felt the inclination to work close to people. Gabriele dedicated herself to working in intensive care units for many years and looked after seriously ill children as part of her freelance work.

During this formative time, Gabriele’s talent in the areas of organization and communication was perfected. It is precisely these essential core areas that now benefit our company. Gabriele’s sunny and caring nature, coupled with her organizational talent, skill and calmness, make her the good soul of Meine-Renditeimmobilie.

Gabriele is a family woman at heart. So it’s not surprising that the lion mom feels most comfortable with her loved ones. Gabriele enjoys stays in Tuscany with her husband Micha, family and friends. It’s not just the Mediterranean climate and sea air that attracts the genuine Munich child back to the south, but also the culinary enjoyment in a family atmosphere!

Marcel Bohnhoff

After Marcel successfully completed his school career with his Abitur in 2017, he completed a dual sports economics degree from 2017 to 2021, where he was able to gain experience in the areas of marketing, sales, management and customer-oriented support to achieve customer goals.

At the same time, Marcel has been working in the financing and rental area since December 2019 and was promoted to team leader in the rental department in 2021. At the same time, he discovered his passion for real estate sales, which he has been practicing with us since November 2022. Marcel is also our contact person for the financing department and after-sales management. In June last year, Marcel completed his qualification as a specialist in real estate loan brokerage (IHK, 34i). Marcel enriches our company not only with his wealth of experience and his objective approach, but also with his warm, communicative and open nature.

Growing up near Dachau, Marcel was fond of the sport from an early age. He started playing football at the age of 4. Over the course of his life he added skiing and fitness.

Marcel is an open person who is always keen to maintain and expand his network. It is not for nothing that he is known for organizing legendary parties or free sports sessions on the Isar.

Marcel really enjoys staying at the latter, especially in the summer months. When he’s not caught up in basketball fever and eagerly watching the NBA, he also follows his inner discipline by taking ice baths.

Erol Likos

After freelance work and traineeship at a local radio station and soon after starting his journalism studies at the LMU Munich, Erol did an internship at Bayerischer Rundfunk, which led to freelance work and later a job as an editor.

After six years at Bayerischer Rundfunk, Erol initially set up his own business with value-added telephone services. After a few years he was only occupied with the Internet. For many of his own projects, but also for third parties, he not only took care of the technical implementation, but also the marketing.

After many years of self-employment, Erol set course for calmer waters and started working as an online marketing manager for a Munich real estate company. In 2023 he finally moved to Meine-Renditeimmobilie as Marketing Manager. Here Erol can contribute his expertise in all its breadth and depth: IT, web design, content and marketing.

Erol lives with family and pets in Munich. His passion is baking and cycling. In the summer he goes to his mother on the Turkish Black Sea coast, where Erol helps with the hazelnut harvest.

Luca Gis

After studying political science at the LMU Munich, Luca worked in politics for three years. During this time he realized that he wanted to expand his work in this industry to include a position in the real estate industry. In addition to his work as a political consultant, Luca works for Meine-Immoentwickler and supports our sales team by preparing documents, creating exposés for our customers and creating room models and graphics.

In his private life, Luca is busy with volunteer work and his family. Of course, two weekly sessions of exercise and regular walks with his dogs in the south of Munich are not to be missed. As a reward for a good week, he often visits Japanese, Greek or Italian restaurants.

Luca feels very connected to Munich, his hometown, and was so convinced of our concept that he applied for a position with us. He thinks the idea of giving more people, especially young people, a place to live in Munich and thus the beautiful Bavarian lifestyle is brilliant.

Lukas Schulze
Lukas Schulze SALES

After completing his training as a marketing communications clerk six years ago, Lukas took the plunge into the real estate industry. During this time he was able to gain a lot of valuable experience in sales, which helped him grow both personally and professionally. Lukas lives in Düsseldorf, but feels at home in both the Rhineland and the Ruhr area.

Aside from his professional activities, he likes to spend his free time on the tennis court or supporting his favorite team in the stadium from the standing-room stands. In summer he enjoys relaxing with friends and family on the Rhine or spending time on the city beaches of Düsseldorf. And although he was born a flatlander, Lukas feels at home in the Alps and on the ski slopes.

Denis Görtz
Denis Görtz SALES

Cologne is now his home, but he grew up in Germany, the USA and France. There, Denis learned self-confidence and adaptability at an early age. As a trained industrial engineer, he has extensive practical experience in the investment sector.

Through his own successful investments in real estate and a strong network of partners, he has developed into an expert for capital investment in real estate through his lateral entry into the real estate industry. As a passionate family man, he enjoys trips to Tegernsee with his wife and their two children in his free time.

Bruno Schmidt
Bruno Schmidt SALES

Empathetic likeable person with the success gene!

5 years ago Bruno moved from beautiful Baden-Baden to the even more beautiful Munich.

An empathetic personality known for his honesty and directness, Bruno has embarked on a new journey, driven by the search for new challenges and the desire to constantly reinvent himself. His 9 years of experience in the corporate world, coupled with building a valuable network and achieving personal dreams, have shaped and prepared him for what is to come.

Bruno’s hobbies include meeting stars in everyday life, connecting people with each other and creating 5-course meals for his loved ones in his own kitchen. Time doesn’t play a role in this case, but rather added value, aesthetics, individualism and creativity.

When he’s not lifting weights in the gym, his two other great passions are powder snowboarding and wakeboarding on the sparkling lakes.

If a dog is around him and you are no longer the center of attention, you shouldn’t hold it against him because dogs are his life.

Philip Motschiedler
Philip Motschiedler SALES

Philip grew up in Nuremberg and celebrated success as a footballer at 1.FC Nuremberg, Carl Zeiss Jena and 1860 Munich as a teenager.

Through his training as an office clerk, Philip discovered the appeal of self-employment and started working in sales at the age of 21. In sales contact and communication training, he learned how to build and maintain a strong network.

In addition to his self-employment, Philip developed a passion for real estate, and by purchasing his first investments he learned about the advantages and challenges. This is one of the reasons why he became aware of the Meine-Renditeimmobilie team at the age of 29!

In his free time, Philip plays several sports. He enjoys the sun with a good coffee at Lake Ammersee and meets friends when he is not traveling with his girlfriend.

For Philip the glass is always half full. It’s not for nothing that his circle of friends considers him a firework of good mood on two legs.