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Fabian Winkler

Author at Meine-Renditeimmobilie

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Fabian Winkler, Geschäftsführer Vertrieb
Fabian Winkler, Managing Director Sales

After successfully completing his training in the financial sector, Fabian gained numerous practical experiences during his time in the large corporation, which further sharpened his eye for entrepreneurial thinking.

Together with his brothers Christoph and Patrick and their mutual friend Ferdinand Guggenberger, he founded in 2017.

Meine-Immodeveloper GmbH followed two years later.


Since then, Fabian’s years of sales experience and his communicative and busy nature have qualified him to lead the sales department with a lot of hard work as managing partner.

Fabian spent 18 years of his life in the heart of Tuscany.

He enjoys spending time with his loved ones and family, whether in everyday life or while traveling. With his talent for languages, Fabian makes an excellent travel companion throughout most of Europe.

Fabian’s great passion is music. He enjoys expressing his vocal volume both in the office and once a week in the karaoke bar.

When Fabian isn’t belting out pop hits or ballads, he can be found on the tennis, golf or soccer field or running around Munich’s beautiful parks.

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