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Patrick Weiler

Author at Meine-Renditeimmobilie

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Managing Director of Real Estate Acquisitions and Portfolio Expansion
Patrick Weiler, Managing Director of Real Estate Acquisitions and Portfolio Expansion

With specific goals in mind and always keen to achieve them independently, Patrick dedicated himself to self-employment in investment consulting after three training courses in the field of finance in 2013. In 2017, together with his two brothers Christoph and Fabian and their mutual friend Ferdinand Guggenberger, he founded – the digital pioneer in the area of real estate as an investment.

In 2019, Meine-Immodeveloper GmbH was founded, specializing in the development of existing properties throughout Germany.


Initially working as a managing partner in the area of real estate acquisition and portfolio building with the main focus on supporting individual customers, Patrick has given the overall management a face since 2022 and is particularly dedicated to the strategy and development of the companies.

Born and raised in beautiful Tuscany, Patrick gained early experience in the areas of enjoyment of life, cuisine and la dolce vita.

So it’s not surprising that he feels most comfortable with his loved ones.

Patrick’s pride and joy is his small family, consisting of wife Anna and son Levi.

Patrick is known for his outstanding grilling skills. When he’s not pampering his friends and family with delicacies and a fine drink, he’s always out and about doing sports. Whether it’s football, tennis or golf – Patrick is always on the move.

Another of Patrick’s passions is politics, to which he dedicates his heart and soul.

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