Buy a house: Financing

Taking out a loan for a house is easier today than it has been in the last 20 years. With the extremely low interest rates set by the ECB in the West, even full financing for a house is worthwhile. The interest costs are comparatively low even with 100 percent financing.
Calculate house financing: Let's take the example of financing a house for 500,000 euros. At an interest rate of 1.2%, the costs for the real estate loan are significantly lower than the interest that investors receive on average for alternative investments such as real estate or shares (between 4 and 6%). So when calculating the financing of a house, it makes perfect sense to consider making greater use of borrowed capital.
It does not matter whether the financing is for a new house or an existing property.
Buying a house - Financing information: If you are interested in financing a house through our financing comparison, you can either use the calculator on this page or contact a mortgage broker. Appointment (digital or in the office) with one of our specialists.