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Christoph Weiler

Author at Meine-Renditeimmobilie

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Christoph Weiler, Managing Director of Real Estate Acquisitions and Development
Christoph Weiler, Managing Director of Real Estate Acquisitions and Development

Growing up in Switzerland, Austria and Italy, Christoph gained many impressions at a young age. While he was starting his business studies, Christoph quickly realized that he preferred working in practice rather than just dry theory. He then started his own business in 2014 and gained his first experience in finance.

After he founded Meine-Renditeimmobilie in 2017 together with his brothers Patrick and Fabian and their mutual friend Ferdinand Guggenberger, Christoph has been living his dream as managing partner of the company since 2017 with the main focus on real estate acquisition and development and enriches with a lot of ambition and the company in his level-headed and clear manner.


Christoph’s great passion is sport. This can also be seen on vacation when he spends three hours preparing for his next marathon in the 30-degree midday heat on the Tuscan prairie. Christoph has now climbed almost every mountain peak and explores the world with his friend Anna and dog Basti. Even in winter he prefers to be out and about in the mountains – be it uphill on his splitboard or on the slopes. In Munich you can also often meet him with his loved ones at a football game!

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