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Passive income without start-up capital

Last updated 01.12.2021

Es gibt zahlreiche Umstände in unserem Leben, an die wir gebunden sind, um nicht zu sagen, von denen wir abhängig sind.
Unser Einkommen ist ein bedeutender davon. 

Sure, time is money. But isn't money also time? 

Are you giving your time now to get more money? 

Or do you give your money to get more time?

Often it seems as if one has to choose between these two highest goods....

However, suppose you want both - time and money ...

Hier ist die Lösung: Passives Einkommen.
Doch was ist das?
Wie geht das?
Und was gilt es im Speziellen zu beachten, wenn Du passives Einkommen ohne Startkapital generieren möchtest?

What is passive income? 

To clarify this question, let's first take a look at the opposite and probably the most common variant of the source of income: Active income.

The basic idea here is to exchange your time, in the form of work done, for money. 

The exact counterpart to this is passive income.

In this case, you get money even without regular, repeated, active participation. 

However, this does not mean that it does not demand a commitment of work and time. 

However, we are talking here about a one-off expense at best, which will bring you long-term and permanent income generates and gives you a lifetime.

There is no denying that the use of start-up capital is extremely helpful. For certain forms of passive income, you simply need a certain amount of money. However, start-up capital is not indispensable...And that brings us closer to our main topic: Generating passive income without start-up capital!

With real estate as an investment, you can generate passive income without starting capital. But: Does real estate as an investment suit you? Take the test now:

Advantages and disadvantages of passive income Without start-up capital

  • Advantage: If you start without equity capital, you don't have to make any financial advance payments. You can therefore try out areas that have perhaps always interested you or in which you have talents, but without any financial pressure. You make losses in the fewest cases, but at the same time you increase your chance of an additional source of income.
  • Disadvantage: As already alluded to above, in most cases it has a disadvantageous or certainly aggravating effect, to build up passive income without capital. However, this does not rule it out.
  • Vorteil: Der wohl größte Vorteil liegt auf der Hand. Jeder hat die Chance, unabhängig von seinem Vermögensstand in das Generieren von passivem Einkommen einzusteigen. Vom Studenten bis hin zum vermögenden Unternehmer, niemand ist exkludiert.
  • Disadvantage: The aspect of your resilience as well as your basic character should not be disregarded. Are you rather squeamish? Or do you like to fight windmills if it can help you get ahead?

No matter which project is to be realised, heart and soul as well as some stamina and energy are always put into it. Without the financial background, one's own commitment is all the more important. That is why it is all the more important to consider where one invests one's time and energy. Only if one's own strengths and character traits match the passive source of income and the required (time) effort does not even feel like work, will the confrontation with stumbling blocks and hurdles not be a problem. 

  • Advantage: The motivation behind your idea is your greatest driving force. If you have the courage to take this step, your passive source of income can not only provide you with additional income in the long run, but also give you independence and the chance to create your own individual lifestyle.

9 ways to generate passive income without start-up capital

Passive income accumulation is more diverse than any other. Already in our article Passive Income Definition and Explanation we came to the conclusion that it is precisely diversity and variability that make up the term.

The same applies to those without start-up capital.

In no other area are there so many different ways to create a self-sufficient source of income, even with no or very little start-up capital.

In this case, your ingenuity, your imagination and your stamina are decisive and bring success.

Whether you want to offer a service or you are planning to sell a product you have created, there are many overlaps that you should take to heart in terms of approach:

  • Easy and reproducible with little effort
  • easy to maintain
  • Timeless and durable
  • Easy to automate
  • Independence in production and sales 
  • Find a niche with as little competition as possible 

Let's now look at different ideas that can inspire you to find your own individual opportunity, passive income without without start-up capital:

1. real estate as an investment - but differently! 

Real estate as an investment is a wonderful option for building up a long-term passive income through rental income. That much is clear. Most investors raise a certain amount of equity for this passive source of income, so that the entire purchase price and ancillary purchase costs do not have to be covered by borrowed capital.

However, if you need to start out with no equity at all, then there are two options: 

Build up equity through the brokerage of income properties

By brokering rented flats, you can build up equity that you can then use to pay for the ancillary costs of buying your own rented property. Our tipsters earn between a few hundred and a few thousand euros per brokered property. 

You don't have to be trained as a real estate agent or anything like that. Your sole task is to refer interested parties. We take care of everything else: From the consultation to the processing and payment of your agent's commission. 

Invest in a rented property without equity

You read correctly - keyword 110 % financing. 

However, to get closer to the dream of your own real estate investment in this way, you must have a good credit rating. 

For example, after a good education, are you just about to climb the career ladder, but you lack savings? Or are you planning an inheritance in the medium term? In this case, the step into the real estate investment business with the help of debt financing can be just the right thing. If your creditworthiness and financial background are right, banks will be happy to go down the path of 110% financing with you. 

Have we aroused your interest? We at Meine - Renditeimmobilie will be happy to advise you. 

Make an appointment -

2. run a blog 

Did you already enjoy writing texts at school and do you have a talent for preparing and formulating your thoughts and knowledge in an exciting way? Then maybe running a blog could be just your thing. As soon as you have decided on a topic (ideally a niche) in which you are passionate and know your way around, you can actually start and begin to feed your blog with letters.

How can you earn money with it? There are several possibilities:

  • Affiliate: Register with a so-called affiliate network. There you will find providers for even the smallest of thematic niches who will pay you a commission if one of your blog visitors buys something via the link from the affiliate network.
  • Advertising: Sign up for Google Ads or other advertising platforms and "rent out" a few pixels of your blog. You usually get paid per impression. 

3. Instagram - Influencer

You have a fine sense for aesthetics as well as for the interplay of text and image, are communicative and outgoing and enjoy sharing your life with people? 

Have you ever thought about running your Instagram account professionally? Here, too, the rule is: stand out from the competition and do your very own, but above all authentic thing. 

As soon as people are enthusiastic about you and want to participate in your life, you have already made it. Depending on which niche you can or want to serve, you can use your account to address various potential customers who want to work with you, e.g. in terms of cooperation. Affiliate links also play a role here. In the end, you influence your followers with your customers' products and receive a commission for each completed purchase. 

The greater your reach, the more valuable your pure recommendation or willingness to show yourself with a product or mention it. 

Here, too, authenticity is a top priority. Only enter into collaborations that you really stand behind. Your community will feel it and you will increasingly gain their trust.

One of many possibilities: Are you an expert in photo editing? The so-called presets are bundles of ready-made filters that other people can buy and then use to edit their photos with just one click. Or: Are you passionate about snowboarding? Set up your own Instagram or TikTok channel and take your followers to the slopes. Snowboard manufacturers, winter sports clothing brands, etc. are potential cooperation partners for whom you can use your reach later on.

4. online courses / webinars

You have years of professional experience as a fitness and personal trainer or you have been working as a therapist in a psychosomatic clinic all your life, working day and night? 

Why not sell your knowledge in the form of webinars and online courses? Whether it's perfectly designed yoga sessions or mental health coaching programmes, the spectrum is wide. 

Create entire courses with your content and sell them. 

The demand for online services is growing. 

Or maybe you have taught yourself a creative and special skill over the years, for example a unique painting technique. Or maybe you are the queen of braiding and have been creating the most enchanting hairstyles for your daughter for 4 years? Share it with people and inspire them in their everyday lives with braiding tutorials. 

You see, whether it's professional expertise or quiet passion - if you're good at something, it's worth thinking about publicising it.

5. Podcasts, audio books, music

Du bist die Kommunikation in Person und hast Freude am Reden.
Wer kennt sie nicht, diese Abende mit dem besten Freund und einem edlen Tropfen, an denen man schlussendlich die besten Gespräche führt und es schade ist, dass man den Inhalt nicht festgehalten hat. Oftmals entstehen großartige Ideen, die weiter ausgebaut werden können. Zum Beispiel in Form eines Podcasts.

The podcast is an absolutely up-and-coming format that is gaining more and more importance. And rightly so. Here, too, the supreme discipline is to find a niche, to serve it and to make it unique. The more people are enthusiastic about you and your style, the more you can earn on the side.

Even the long-established concept of the audiobook is still very popular these days. Assuming you have already written and published a book, why not offer it in the audio book version? 

If your skills lie in the area of music, then get started with your own recorded songs or sound effects, which are uploaded to special platforms where they can be downloaded for a fee, e.g. as background music for YouTube videos.

6. Books / E-books

Do you like to write for a living and do you write well? Actually, you would have preferred to write crime novels at school, but in the end you were asked to do something else. What are you waiting for? Start writing your own work and publish it afterwards. Who knows, maybe it will be on the shelves with the No. 1 bestsellers the day after tomorrow. If not, you might still be able to earn some extra money by selling your book. 

7. e-learning seminars / workbooks

E-learning has long been given a high priority and demand is growing.

For the last two years, homeschooling has been the order of the day for children and young people, as well as for students. 

Maybe you have been tutoring 5th and 6th graders in English for years. You could record this content in the form of videos and sell them in specially designated forums or start your own tutoring channel on YouTube. You have a one-time workload in designing and filming, but create a charming passive source of income in the long run.

8. Stock Photo - Platforms

Your smartphone memory is almost full again from all the hundreds of panorama shots you take on your weekly mountain and hiking tours? But not only that. Recently, you've even started to take a more professional approach and are now working with a drone. 

In this case, your work is already done. The photos are in the can and the only step you still have to take is to put them online on special stock photo platforms. You receive a share of the profits for each picture sold. 

9. Apps

In fact, you don't have to be a programming language genius to get into app development. We are talking about so-called no-code apps. 

Are you an ace when it comes to organisation and planning? Specialise in one area, such as finance. Why not share your knowledge and create an app that helps people keep their budgets under control? 

When it comes to app development, it is important to design the app in such a way that you rarely have to update or revise it. 


Nothing is impossible. 

With the necessary personal commitment and perseverance, there are numerous creative ways to get closer to the dream of passive income even without start-up capital.

If you think cleverly, you can use the passive income streams created for the first time to invest in passive income sources that require start-up capital.



What are passive sources of income?

At best, passive sources of income generate regular income through one-time labour and time or capital investment

How much money for passive income?

Many of the ideas mentioned can be implemented without any start-up capital. 

Few require a significantly small monetary investment.

Why is passive income important?

Passive income not only gives you an additional source of income in the long term, but also gives you time and the opportunity for more freedom and independence in your life.

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